Coming up this week 6/12/12

ImageThis week I will be covering two nationwide releases, two art house gems and finally getting around to posting my review of John Carter.  First off will be The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, followed by Wes Anderson’s latest indie masterpiece Moonrise Kingdom.  Then, over the weekend I’ll be letting my hair down with Rock of Ages and swallowing my dignity with That’s my Boy. Will Adam Sandler make up for the abomination that was Jack and Jill?  Will Rock of Ages succeed in becoming “a musical that guys drag their girlfriends to”?  Will my inner hipster revel at the Moonrise Kingdom’s symphony of quirkiness?  The answers to all of these questions and more coming up this week in Rorschach Reviews

About r361n4

I'm a student at the University of Washington Majoring Business. I've always loved movies and my goal is to work on the financial side of the film industry. Until then though, I figure I'll spare my friends from my opinions and shout them from a digital mountaintop for anyone who's interested. After all, if a tree falls in a forest and nobody blogs about it, does it really happen?
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