The Rorschach Awards: Your Winners for 2012!

Five days, 475 votes counted, and now we finally arrive at the big Drumroll Moment… Your 2012 Rorschach Award Winners are here! Before anything, I’d like to make a quick note of incredibly close most of these races stayed until the very end.  I’m only going to announce the winners, but if you want to know how you did please feel free to ask me and I can either answer in the comments or email you privately 🙂

As a quick note, with two exceptions the lowest amount of votes anyone received for any category was 9, so while not everyone may get the title you are still absolutely not forgotten!


Theater Junkie:

theater junkieWith 101 votes cast, your winner with 45 % is…


Congratulations to Aaron over at TCIZ, who tied Fernando Rafael from Committed to Celluloid for the most referrals 🙂

Best Layout:  

best layoutWith 119 votes cast, your winner with 50% is…


Congratulations to Amy over at Movie Writing, who pulled ahead of a dead heat between The Cinematic Katzenjammer and The Cinematic Corner two days ago.

Best Segment:

best segmentWith 75 votes cast, your winner with 47% is…


Congratulations to Tyson over at Head in a Vice for coming up with this really fun and  segment that many of you have likely already taken part in.  Tyson also recently moved ahead of an electoral dogfight between Fogs’ Movie Reviews’ Tossin’ it out There and Marked Movies’ Tuesday Trivia Tidbits.

Best Networker:

best netowrkerWith 91 votes cast, your winner with 41% is…


Congratulations to Tyson over at Head in a Vice again for truly earning this award.  Tyson started his blog around the same time I did (around six months ago) and through segments like Face-Off, Desert Island Movies and reviews for some of the best Horror films you’ve never seen, he has already established the sort of readership most of us are still trying to achieve.

And finally…

Blogger of the Year:

blogger of the yearIn the closest race of any category the winner by ONE VOTE with 28% of 92 votes is…


Congratulations to Andy from Andy Watches Movies, who just barely eeked it out over Tyson from Head in a Vice.  Andy, who also came in a close second for Best Networker, has been taking us along with him on his quest to watch and review 300 movies in 2012.  Aside from sharing my name, Andy has covered a huge range of films as well as doing everything he can to involve his readership with segments like Friday Question Fun.  If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to check his site out and root him on to that magical 300!

Well, there you have them folks, your 2012 winners.  Once again, I’m extremely grateful for all of the reblogs and references you all gave to make this happen, and while I wasn’t able to recognize everyone I wanted to I still got the opportunity to meet a lot of new bloggers and I look forward to keeping up with each and every one.

You are completely free to use your “award picture” if you so desire, but with my rudimentary Microsoft paint skills I absolutely do not expect you to, lol.  Also feel free to give an Acceptance Speech in the comments, I promise you that nobody will music you off the stage 😀

About r361n4

I'm a student at the University of Washington Majoring Business. I've always loved movies and my goal is to work on the financial side of the film industry. Until then though, I figure I'll spare my friends from my opinions and shout them from a digital mountaintop for anyone who's interested. After all, if a tree falls in a forest and nobody blogs about it, does it really happen?
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26 Responses to The Rorschach Awards: Your Winners for 2012!

  1. That looks like a great group of winners right there.

  2. I am totally blown away by this! Stiff competition in every category, it was hard for me to choose. Seriously, I cannot thank everyone for the acknowledgement and support, not just for the awards but in general.
    I will give a formal thanks in a bit when I post about this on my site! Also, thanks to Andy for hosting and nominating me!

  3. filmhipster says:

    Congrats! Great choices!

  4. Ryan says:

    Congrats everyone. Well deserved!

  5. A big congrats to everyone! All very worthy! 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of what everyone has to post up in the future!

  6. Congrats all, well deserved all round!

  7. Beer Movie says:

    Well done to all the winners.

  8. Completely ecstatic to have won and appreciate everyone who voted for me, as well as the fellow nominees, who all have very admirable blogs as well.

  9. Tyson Carter says:

    This is bull shit!! I demand a re-count. 1 vote!!?? 🙂

    Thank you for running this Andy, been great fun and was nice just to even be nominated alongside these other amazing bloggers. I am delighted with my 2 wins and 1 runner up (seriously, 1 vote, Andy Watches Movies must of been greasing some palms……..) 😉 Congrats to everyone involved, and its been nice to find some new blogs to follow.

    I will not be sending an American Indian woman to reject these awards on this occasion Brando style, so humbly accept. Cheers everyone 🙂

  10. Mark Walker says:

    Congrats to all. Can’t believe I was beaten by such sub-standard blogs 😉

    I joke of course. There is an abundance of quality out there and I’m happy for all the winners. A special congrats to Andy for winning the Big Kahuna. Well done! 😀

  11. Congrats to all the winners 😀
    Andy, could you tell me in an e-mail how I did?

    Nice to see I scored the most referrals 🙂

  12. Haha, how did I loose! Thanks for nominating me anyway 😀

  13. moviewriting says:

    This is insane! Thank you so much for nominating me, and crazy thanks to everyone who voted! I’m going to post a big blubbing entry on Movie Writing that’ll rival any Oscars speech, but just wanted to comment here to say thank you.

    Well done to everyone who was nominated and won awards!

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