Two Cents’ Worth: What’s Your End of the World Movie?

I’ve had a lot of new segments since I started this blog, but one that I haven’t really had yet is a weekly question for you all, my readers.  A lot of other blogs have done a great jobs starting up discussions with this sort of segment, so I thought I might give a crack at it.

two-centsTwo Cents’ Worth gives you all to give just that, your two cents’ worth, with a different questions each week.  Seeing as we are rapidly approaching the supposed End of the World (if the Mayans are believed, which I’m just going to assume they aren’t seeing as their foretelling abilities didn’t prevent the fall of their own empire), I thought I might be interesting to see what all of your favorite End-of-Days films are.  Here are the criteria:

  •  Must be End of the World, not Post-Apocalyptic
  •  World doesn’t necessarily have to be destroyed, only in danger of complete destruction
  •  Must be your favorite, not necessarily the best

To kick things off, here is my pick.

Cabin in the Woods (2011)

So I can’t go into why this fits the category without spoiling the movie, but I can explain why I absolutely loved it.

cabin in the woods crazy stairs posterDirected by Drew Goddard (Cloverfield, Lost, Alias) and written by the Nerd God Himself, Joss Whedon, Cabin in the Woods seems like a fairly standard Horror Comedy at first glance.  Once you get past the trailers and actually start watching the movie, however, it becomes clear that Cabin in the Woods is far from just another Evil Dead/Scream ripoff.  If you have seen the movie, you will recognize that there is next to nothing I can do to describe the plot or the overall premise without spoiling some of the biggest aspects of the film, so I’m just going to jump to why this would be my choice for the End of the World.

In general, I appreciate serious, thought-provoking movies, but given the choice I will always go for something with a comedic edge over something bleak and cerebral.  While a lot of mainstream comedies tend to hit their audiences over the head with comedy, I’ve always found that dark comedies tend to hit home more often for me.  Whether the film skews towards the darker side (i.e. Any Tarantino or Coen Brothers movie) or the comedic side (Zombieland, Drop Dead Gorgeous), I always love a good mix of violence and snappy dialogue.  I also love it when movies make a mark in my memory by doing something so differently or so well that they stay with you well after the credits roll.

Anybody else think the main girl looks like a young Uma Thurman?

Anybody else think the main girl looks like a young Uma Thurman?

Both of those things are perfectly combined in this film, and while I do fully understand why it isn’t for everyone, I am more than confident in saying I fall squarely within the “for” category.  Cabin in the Woods takes the sort of witty, amusing dialogue and entertaining character interactions that Whedon perfected on the small screen with shows like Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and combines it with what I consider the most inventive and effective premises of the year.  Some people only like humor when is tossed in their face, but Whedon’s brand of comedy is so understated that it makes you feel like you are in on an inside joke (Think Two and a Half Men‘s obtrusive laugh track vs. The Office‘s awkward brilliance).  The tone of the film slowly changes from amusing to horror over the first hour, but within the space of about two minutes takes an abrupt turn into one of the most amazingly manic and gut-wrenching finales I’ve ever seen.

Well, there you have it, what I’d like to watch as our world comes to a close.  What is your pick?  Sound off in the comments below!

About r361n4

I'm a student at the University of Washington Majoring Business. I've always loved movies and my goal is to work on the financial side of the film industry. Until then though, I figure I'll spare my friends from my opinions and shout them from a digital mountaintop for anyone who's interested. After all, if a tree falls in a forest and nobody blogs about it, does it really happen?
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34 Responses to Two Cents’ Worth: What’s Your End of the World Movie?

  1. My favorite end of the world film is not actually about the world ending, rather than the slow disappearance of humankind, which is pretty much the same thing, just stretched out over a few years instead of a couple of days. It’s Children of Men.

  2. Nick Powell says:

    Sunshine, Children of Men, A Quiet Earth, 28 Days Later, Twelve Monkeys, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… I could probably go on forever. Great question! Even better timing 😉

    • r361n4 says:

      Great to hear some love for Children of Men and Sunshine, though as far as which one I’d watch to go out of the world with a smile on my face it’d definitely be Hitchhiker’s guide 🙂

  3. Mark Walker says:

    I’m another thats in the Children Of Men camp. Stunning movie. I also like Melancholia and Perfect Sense.

  4. Mark Hobin says:

    Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. 🙂

  5. Gotta agree with the love for Cabin in the Woods, love that film! Although just including that is pretty spoilerific! Also agree with Mark on Melancholia. I haven’t seen Children of Men, but from the sounds of things I probably should see it.

    • r361n4 says:

      I sorta realized how spoilerific it was after I posted it, lol, but hopefully people will go out and see it for themselves so they understand just why that is.

      I definitely recommend Children of Men, it’s definitely more on the bleak side but it’s a very well-made and underrated film

  6. mformariya says:

    Well, it’s on at completely different train of thought than all the others, but aliens trying to take over from a portal in the sky should qualify it, so… The Avengers! 😀

  7. pgcooper1939 says:

    Cabin in the Woods is an interesting choice. Personally, the whole “end of the world” element was the film’s weakest point. My pick is Dr. Strangelove. It’s depiction of the end of the world is in my opinion, the best because it is both funny, yet utterly horrifying and hopeless.

  8. Mike says:

    Original Star Wars when the planet Alderon explodes

  9. sati says:

    Great call on the Cabin! It’s such an insanely entertaining movie. My choice would be beautiful and frightening Perfect Sense.

  10. table9mutant says:

    Night of the Comet! Well, maybe not favorite. It’s bad but I love the “80s”ness of it 🙂 And any and every zombie film if those count…

    • r361n4 says:

      I didn’t even think about zombie movies, lol, that does open up a whole new door doesn’t it? Which would you count as your favorite film featuring the undead?

    • Mark Hobin says:

      Night of the Comet has so many funny lines:

      “The legal drinking age is now 10, but you will need I.D. . Let’s be real.”
      “C’mon Hector, the MAC-10 submachine gun was practically designed for housewives.”
      “What are you gonna do when your complexion freaks out? The dermatologist is dead you know.”
      Reggie: “Sam? They said you were dead!”
      Samantha: “They were exaggerating, totally.”

  11. Spikor says:

    Probably the original ’67 “Night of the Living Dead”. Honourable mentions for both “Dawn of the Dead” movies, and “28 Days Later”.

    • r361n4 says:

      Lol, all of these zombie picks are making me almost want to reconsider my choice. Good ones all around, I’d probably pick 28 days later out of that field if I had to

  12. Twelve Monkeys, loved that film 😀

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  15. The Vern says:

    I loved that you posted Drop Dead Georgeous and Zombieland under dark comedies. I loved those movies.

    • r361n4 says:

      Ditto, I’ve seen both about five times which I can’t say for many other films. I guess I have a dark sense of humor but why fight it when you can embrace it with movies like those?

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