The Best of 2012: The SUPERLIST!!!!

Yesterday I released my Top Ten Films of 2012, but today I thought it might be interesting to take a look at what all of you thought as well.  I’ve compiled 15 different bloggers’ top 8-15 lists for the past year and compiled the results to find out which films make it into the overall top 10 by popular opinion.  Here are the blogs which I have collected results from:

K & B Hype the Movies

Monty’s Musings

Cinematic Katzenjammer (8 separate opinions)

Cutting Edge Creativity

The Daily Rich

A Door into Movies

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

5 Word Movie Reviews

The Cinematic

Rorschach Reviews

I’m only listing films that received more than one vote, so with that being said here are your honorable mentions along with their vote count.  Titles in bold represent films I chose for my own Top 10.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World – 2

Flight – 2

Ruby Sparks – 2

Cloud Atlas – 2

21 Jump Street – 2

Les Miserables – 2

End of Watch – 2

Ted – 3

The Hunger Games – 3

Jeff Who Lives at Home – 3

Beasts of the Southern Wild – 3

The Grey – 3

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – 3

Zero Dark Thirty – 4

Wreck-It Ralph – 4

Perks of Being a Wallflower – 4

And now for your Top 10 (11 because of a tie for 10th)

Prometheus – 5


Looper – 5


Moonrise Kingdom – 6


Cabin in the Woods – 6

The Cabin in the Woods

Life of Pi – 7


Lincoln – 7


Argo – 7

Ben Affleck in Argo

Django Unchained – 9


The Dark Knight Rises – 10


And Tied for 1st Place are…

The Avengers – 11

The Avengers

Skyfall – 11


Well, there you have them.  By the will of the people, your Top 10 movies for 2012!  How many of your picks made it into the top ten?

About r361n4

I'm a student at the University of Washington Majoring Business. I've always loved movies and my goal is to work on the financial side of the film industry. Until then though, I figure I'll spare my friends from my opinions and shout them from a digital mountaintop for anyone who's interested. After all, if a tree falls in a forest and nobody blogs about it, does it really happen?
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6 Responses to The Best of 2012: The SUPERLIST!!!!

  1. ckckred says:

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Nick Powell says:

    Thanks for the inclusion!

  3. Ryan McNeely says:

    Thanks for counting me in! This final countdown might have been quite different if I had got the chance to see all the new releases… 🙂

    • r361n4 says:

      Very true, I myself still could change w/ the amount I haven’t seen. Hopefully this year w/ my pledge to see every new release I’ll at least be able to give my picks with a little more certainty

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