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Tim the Film Guy is the lead writer for and creator of Tim’s Film Reviews.  Currently my second top commenter after Fernando over at Comitted to Celluloid, Tim’s blog covers a wide range of movies that skew towards the Sci-Fi and Action genres.  Tim’s site also features of one of the most comprehensive scoring systems that I’ve seen since I started blogging, creating a very clear picture of how he feels about the movie in question.  

Rorschach Reviews: What is the first movie you ever remember absolutely falling in love with?

images (3)Tim the Film Guy: It would have to be Jurassic Park. I remember it being the first film I was ever given as a present. 

Came out on my date of birth. Yes I am that young.  So someone thought it would be a good present for me and obviously because I had brilliant taste at the age of 6 I loved it.

RR: I’m not much older than you so you won’t get any judgment from me.  Jurassic Park is one hell of a first movie, I’d imagine you were terrified of Raptor Attacks for years afterwards (I still am).  Does this mean that you’re going to be seeing the 3D re-release next month?

TTFG: Well if it was coming out in the UK then yes I would, Full IMAX! Sadly I am not sure when or if it is coming out over here.

RR: That is sad indeed.  On the topic of 3D re-releases, do you support the recent trend in converting classic movies to 3D and returning them to the big screen for a premium price?

TTFG: I do not like 3D and will only suffer it if it is necessary to see a film I really want to see, otherwise I avoid it. On the subject of of re-releases I would just prefer if they remastered them and released them in 2D but I get why they add 3D (for the money).

RR: Completely agree with you, even if there wasn’t a ridiculous surcharge for 3D I still would prefer to catch a 2D version of whatever movie I’m seeing.  Ultimately it just comes down to dollars and cents, and so long as people keep paying extra for 3D re-releases Hollywood will keep putting them out.  My problem with them is that they feel like an attempt on Hollywood to cash in on the goodwill a lot of these classic movies carry with them, abusing the legacies of classic movies for a boost to profit margins.

Speaking of money, while a lot of us reviewers tend to look more closely at movies themselves, many of us are also pretty tuned in to Box Office numbers.  Do you follow box Office numbers very closely?

TTFG: I love stats! Box Office numbers are really fun to keep track of and on a lot of blogs I like to discuss predictions for films coming out. I am sad very very sad.

RR: You’re not alone there, I’m also a huge box office junkie.  What would you say is the worst Box Office Blockbuster you can think of, and what is the best Box Office Bomb you can think of?

images (5)TTFG: Spider-Man 3 was awful and made $890M.

John Carter was good and barely made $280M with a $250M budget.

They both had around the same budget.

Nothing is fair!

RR: Very true about Spider-Man, I have absolutely no idea what Raimi was thinking with that one.  Made it all the more palatable when they rebooted it so quickly.  I wasn’t a huge fan of John Carter (mostly because I hate Taylor Kitsch) but it definitely didn’t deserve to bomb as hard as it did.

Luckily though, for every example of a crappy movie that becomes a hit or a great movie that bombs, it seems like there is a solid amount of fairness in Hollywood.  For example, some of the biggest box office hits from last year were amazing (The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall), while even the oscar-worthy releases did exceedingly well (7 out of the 9 Best Picture nominees grossed over 100 million).  It still hurts to see movies like you mentioned, but at least there seems to be more hope for great movies to be profitable than for great TV shows.  Speaking of Television, do you have anything on the Small Screen you particularly enjoy?

images (6)TTFG: Actually the most disappointing box office result of 2012 was Dredd. And since then I have been shaming reviewers who didn’t see it but admitted it was good on DVD. Did…you…see…it…or…not?

Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Justified, Spartacus, Boardwalk Empire. Probably a thousand more but these are the cream of the crop. Or off the top of my mind.

RR: I completely agree with you on Dredd being a huge disappointment at the box office, I saw it a pre-screening in Dublin about a month before it came out in the states and loved it.  Seeing it fail so hard in the US was painful indeed.

In any case I’m glad to have a fellow fan of the small screen in the blogosphere, so many of the people I’ve met through the site either have no interest in or no time for television.  Of those I’ve never seen Justified or Boardwalk Empire, though they’re high up on my list.  The rest are among my favorites too, I’m incredibly happy to finally have GoT back on the air as well.

Out of all of the shows you watch, which one would you most like to see made into a feature length movie?

TTFG: I wouldn’t wish that upon any of my TV shows. Adaptation from TV to film is not a good one and currently they are getting high budgets so there is no real reason.

You need to see both of them! Drop everything and watch them now!

images (8)RR: I will do my best to get on that!  As for TV to movie adaptations, my only counter-argument would be for either the South Park movie or Serenity.  I do understand your point though, it’s far easier to tell a complex story over a season of a show than over 90 minutes in a theater.

Changing gears a bit, one of the most unique features of your site many will notice is your scoring system, which grades a film based on six different categories culminating in a final percentage score.  How and why did you come to put this system into place?

TTFG: Oh how did I come up with the scoring? Good question, can’t remember really. The point of it was to explain the total score I give films. The normal categories are there but I also thought of giving each film a special category like sci fi or action more like a genre category.

It’s funny sometimes my system annoys me because I can really hate a film but because of one of the categories being good it keeps it in an average score range. 

On the other hand if a film has good visuals but terrible plot and acting it can never get a good score. The System works.

RR: I can understand the frustration with the lack of weighting sometimes misrepresenting your overall opinion, after a movie can often be better or worse than the sum of its parts.  That being said it’s great to see a breakdown of what you thought of each of those aspects so the System truly does work 🙂

Before we go, what are some things the future might hold for Tim’s Film Reviews?

TTFG: Good question. This Friday I plan to go see Evil Dead at the cinema with a group from my university course and will be doing a group review on video after. Bit of trial and error session to see if it works well. Should be fun 😀

Also over summer I maybe getting a new premium theme for the site.

You can check out Tim’s guest review of Gangs of New York on my site here, catch up with him at Tim’s Film Reviews or follow him on Twitter at @timthefilmguy

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I'm a student at the University of Washington Majoring Business. I've always loved movies and my goal is to work on the financial side of the film industry. Until then though, I figure I'll spare my friends from my opinions and shout them from a digital mountaintop for anyone who's interested. After all, if a tree falls in a forest and nobody blogs about it, does it really happen?
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9 Responses to Blogger Interview: Tim’s Film Reviews

  1. ckckred says:

    Nice interview. Tim has a great blog.

  2. le0pard13 says:

    Great interview, guys. And, I say YAY for the positive word given to DREDD and JOHN CARTER. Way undervalued by too many in my estimation.

  3. Fun conversation, guys!

  4. filmhipster says:

    Well done guys, born the same year as Jurrassic Park??? I feel old. 😦

  5. I share the same sentiments on John Carter and Spiderman 3!

    great interview! and…ditto what Chris (filmhipster) said! haha

  6. I believe Jurassic Park 3D comes out in the UK in August. 23rd is what I’m reading, in case anyone was wondering!

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  8. Great interview, guys. Looking forward to the new design, Tim!

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