Review Sharing Policy

A while back, I started linking other peoples reviews onto my posts.  A lot of people do something similar, including Filmhipster’s Film Under Review, Mettel Ray’s Linked and any of Cinematic Corner’s “+ links” posts.  Others, like Issy over at The Filmster, add quotes from various blogger reviews to each review in order to give a broader sense of how the community has taken to a movie.  What I try to do is collect all of the scores for a  particular movie from the rest of you bloggers, then post them to the bottom section of my reviews along with each respective score. I then take the average of everyone’s scores (including mine) and post it to the bottom of the page, sort of like my own mini slice of LAMBScores.

What I’d like to announce today is that I am now opening up submissions for these reviews to all of your, with certain conditions.  From now on, if any of my posts has less than ten reviews linked to it at the bottom, I welcome you to drop me a link to yours in the comments below.  It’s possible I may not have started following your site yet, or that my email notification system is on the fritz (sorry Nick!), but whatever the case is I’m always trying to get that “average score” at the bottom to be as representative of my neighborhood of the blogging community as possible.  I also would love to build more relations with some you, my followers, who I may have been neglecting over the past few months.

As a few general conditions, I can only do reviews which have some sort of score attached in order to allow direct comparison with the other opinions on the list.  Of course you can always submit your review to me along with a score if the review itself doesn’t have one, so keep that in mind.  If anyone is curious I do take letter grades along with number grades; when it comes to the averages section, I assign each letter grade a numerical GPA value and use that to relate to the other numerical scores.

I will do my best to follow anyone who posts a link to one of my posts, if I’m not doing so already.  It’s the least I can do for all of you readers out there, after all you’re the reason I started doing this in the first place!

What did you think?

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