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Elysium Review: Class Warfare… In Space!!!

Remember the good old days when future humans could just fight evil alien would-be-conquerors with no political subtext?  Me neither.  Apparently, neither does Neill Blomkamp, as he seems hell bent on tricking the world’s Sci-Fi Action junkies into learning valuable … Continue reading

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The Wolverine Review: Once More, With Ninjas

Of all of the tactics used by companies to promote a product, my favorite in a simultaneously ironic and serious sense is the “We Fixed It!” strategy.  Whether it’s Domino’s basically admitting that its old recipe was garbage or Apple … Continue reading

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The Fine Line Between Determination and Stubbornness

Seeing as I’ve been complaining about it for the past six months or so, many of you are probably aware that I made a pledge earlier this year to see every nationwide release of 2013 in theaters.  The reasons for … Continue reading

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